Private investors have an opportunity to invest in Signature Estates projects by purchasing shares in Signature Estates (UK) Limited. This UK based limited company provides the initial funding to purchase prime building plots, and to begin the development process. 

On completion of the project, the UK company receives a ‘priority return’ on the investment, which is the first payment made after project costs have been settled.   In addition, bonus payments will be made dependant on the success of the individual project. 


This investment is for Sophisticated or High Net Worth Individuals.  It is potentially a highly profitable investment with a target internal rate of return of 8% - 12% per annum.


Mallorca offers many attractions for investment.   The market is distinct from and stronger than the Spanish mainland and provides a stable environment for property development.   The island was highlighted as a ‘safe place to invest in 2009’ (Financial Times survey 27, December 2008).   Mallorca has a very sophisticated visitor profile attracting the wealthy, who are looking for properties incorporating luxury and outstanding design.   This market is robust and continues to perform well.      




Structure of the Fund


Private individuals invest directly into a UK Limited Company - Signature Estates (UK) Limited.   Investment can also be made through participating SIPP providers.   There is a minimum investment by individuals of £25,000 and SIPPs of £10,000.   The projected term of the investment is 4 - 5 years.


Signature Estates developments


Stunning architecture on wonderful sites, strict financial controls, a robust and stable market.   This is a tried and tested profitable business model.    The developments will be managed by the established Signature Estates team, which has been active on the island for four years and includes a full infrastructure of professionals and advisers

Current Signature Estates Developments on Mallorca

Signature Estates has completed a stunning 5 bedroomed villa on a dramatic front line site, with fabulous sea views, to the east of Palma.   The property is on the market and is projected to deliver a substantial return for the UK investors. Details of these projects can be found on this website, where investors can view the progress of the developments in which their funds are invested.  Newsletters are periodically sent out, again to keep the investors updated. Investors are able to visit the projects at any time.

Signature Estates (UK) Limited is a company which takes great care in all aspects of its operations; from investor protection to the quality of its developments on Mallorca. The Information Memorandum gives full details of the offer and should be used as the basis for any decision to invest.


To discuss the opportunities for investors, and/or to obtain an Information Memorandum, please contact:



Alan Colton - Finance Director                                                                                            

07721 067896

Investment Opportunities with Signature Estates

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